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Truly A



Where continents collide!  Waterfalls, trails and stunning views await you here... 



Geothermal field with bubbling mud pits, hot springs and blow-holes!



The magnificent Golden Falls waterfall that cascades into the Gullfossgjufur Canyon.



Volanic crater famous for its vibrant red ash and blue-green mineral water.

Dark, Rugged & Beautiful

Recognised as one of the wonders of the world, the Blue Lagoon is truly a majestic experience. Apart from looking absolutely stunning, the milky blue water cleanses your skin from the minerals found in naturally occurring silica. Through the mist of steam rising from the water, you can see the volcanic rock that surrounds the pool. It’s dark and rugged and beautiful, turning white and smooth where it meets with the water after years of erosion and silica altering the colour.

You can enter the pool from inside the building, leading to a passage that takes you outside, but where’s the fun in that? Brave the cold and head outside when it’s 3 degrees and the plunge into the 39 degree water – it’s much more invigorating. It snowed, hailed and the sun shone bright all in the same day I was there – it was amazing. To have snow falling down on you while you’re submerged in steamy hot water is quite an experience.

So Much To Explore


You’ve got caves, waterfalls, steam rooms and baths, saunas and different sections of the pool to explore. If you want ultimate pampering you can get treatments and massages in the water. Included in every package you get a silica mud mask. I went for the comfort package which meant I also got the Algae mask, I was tempted to buy it on my way out as of course, they have a shop, but since I was continuing my 4 month journey to Canada after this I did not have 90 odd quid to spare.

The surface of the pool changes as you venture further out and it becomes spongy – it feels like you’re walking on jelly and it takes some getting used to! It was actually the silica – but don’t put this stuff on your face, people have been standing in it…

Inside you have a relaxation area where you can lounge with a view over the pool. The changing rooms are nice, clean and the staff are friendly and efficient. For hygiene reasons you do have to shower naked before entering the pool but there are private showers. Make sure to lather on the provided conditioner before going in the water – as much as silica is good for your skin it does not like your hair! It took a few washes before my hair stopped feeling stiff.

There’s different options for eating too, a cafe right next to the pool or the more expensive fine dining experience at the Lava Restaurant. You’ve also got a bar inside the pool, so you don’t even need to leave the water to get a nice healthy smoothie or a glass of wine – just sit back and relax.

Are there cheaper options elsewhere in Iceland? Yes. Are there less tourists in these other places? Normally. There are geothermal pools all the over the place, including free hot springs in the valleys of mountains. But the Blue Lagoon is a wonderful, pampering experience and you don’t have to get changed outside. Choose the best of both worlds and try them all – I left feeling relaxed and more than content. I would definitely go back, even though it has now been ticked it off my bucket list.

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